And my progress towards them. I'm a basic bitch with basic dreams, are these really too much to ask?
  1. Own a sectional ✔
    Dat corner seat tho. And mine has a chaise.
  2. Own a KitchenAid mixer ✔
    Majestic Yellow. I've used it four times but it's sooo pretty.
  3. Own a Le Creuset dutch oven ✔
    Palm. Are you starting to notice a pattern?
  4. Own a vanity ✔
    Every girls dream is to have a vanity to lay out all of your beauty crap on. Putting on make up or doing your hair standing is for suckers.
  5. Get a golden retriever
    And name him Bingley and love him forever.
  6. Take an international trip every year
    On my way to do this one if I can afford to keep it up in 2018 and beyond
  7. Get a massage every week
    Massage therapists have told me this is necessary so trust the professionals
  8. Go to Budapest
    It's called The City of Baths and this is the beginning of the water theme.
  9. Own a clawfoot tub
    And start and end every day with a relaxing soak.
  10. Own a pool
    I don't know how I'm going to accomplish this one in Chicago. And shared pools are dumb because skinny dipping.
  11. Take an intensive cooking class
    I mean soup to nuts cooking, as close to culinary school as you can get. The Chopping Block in Chicago has a 6 week all-day course.
  12. See Josh Charles in person ✔
    So. So. Handsome.
  13. Achieve the highest level possible in Paradise Bay ✔
    Is it sadder that this is a goal of mine or that I've completed it?
  14. Have dinner at The French Laundry
    I guess I would also settle for Per Se
  15. Be more festive than Mariah Carey
    And my taste is classier.
  16. Get an herb garden ✔
    Rosemary, Thyme, and Basil
  17. Keep my herb garden alive
    To be determined
  18. Eat lobster once a month
    An actual 2 lb lobster steamed with butter. Not a lobster roll, lobster ravioli, lobster mac and cheese etc. Those are for rookies.
  19. Go to the moon
    The moon is dope. And last I checked this was a possibility in my lifetime.
  20. Surpass my sister @sarahgorman's highest number of list likes
    Come on List App community, I know you've got my back on this one. Let's do it. 528 is the number to beat.