Drink whenever...
  1. There is a staged dramatization of a cramped space
    Drink two if it's a couple trying to brush their teeth at the same time
  2. The couple insists on staying in their neighborhood
  3. The couple attempted their own renovation
  4. Someone says "teen space" or "man cave"
  5. They insist their kids each need their own bathroom
  6. They get mad at Hillary or David that their own budget can't get them what they want
  7. The couple is obsessed with having a screened in porch
  8. Eric is exasperated with what Hillary is asking him to do
  9. They love something they should clearly list
    Or less likely, list something they should've loved
  10. There are unforeseen issues and they have to scrap items on their renovation list
    This never happens!!!! Always such a twist!!!
  11. David makes a fake phone call
  12. Hillary wears a statement necklace
  13. David and Hillary debate the pronunciation of garage
  14. They need an open concept floor plan