As her older sister I consider myself the foremost expert on this topic @sarahgorman
  1. She's always singing. Like ALL the time.
  2. She drinks me out of juice and Diet Cokes. And hides the evidence in my storage ottoman, which I find weeks later.
  3. Have you heard about her fame on The List app? Did she forget to mention it?
  4. She's running a 24 year long con where she pretends to be incompetent at things like cleaning and giving back rubs so no one will ask her to do it.
  5. She'll harass you to watch a tv show that you just can't miss and needs to be discussed, you'll spend weeks catching up on every season, and then she'll promptly stop watching it.
  6. Her little red backpack
  7. Her propensity for breaking furniture
  8. She doesn't like when you mix fruit and meat
  9. She's a space invader
  10. She's always smexting (or listing) when you're trying to hang out
  11. Hey Sarelles! I like the things you do... not.
  12. She steals all the muffins.
  13. I guess despite these things she's still a pretty cool seastar.