(or forever)
  1. Susie Fogelson
    An exective at the Food Network and occassional Food Network Star judge, this woman is living my dream life. Not only is she a killer at business, she's got killer brows, killer hair, and a killer leather jacket that I saw her wear on TV once.
  2. Gail Simmons
    Flawless style, flawless taste. Super successful and super sweet. Gets to eat and judge some of the best food in the country on Top Chef. Is regularly in close proximity to Tom Colicchio.
  3. Jennifer Aniston
    She's literally a perfect human being who is one of the most beautiful women in the world and is also incredibly down to earth and beloved by all. Ellen loves her. Oprah loves her. Everyone loves her. How is she in her 40s?! Plus Justin Theroux is a cutie. But it might be just too overwhelming to be her.
  4. Emily Blunt
    Married to Jim Halpert which is the literal American dream. Also amazingly talented, gorgeous, and has a British accent. Vacations with her good friend Jennifer Aniston.
  5. Molly McNearney
    If I can't be Jennifer Aniston or Emily Blunt, I'll settle for being bffls with both of them. A talented comedy writer and married to Jimmy Kimmel who is a member of the Handsome Men's Club (technically).
  6. Oprah Winfrey
    One of the most successful women alive. A one woman revolution. Has a bunch of cream golden retrievers. Literally has seminars about how to live your best life, so you better believe she's the expert. My mom would often speculate about what she would do if she were Oprah and most of the time it was getting a massage every day. I like to think Oprah really does this.