1. The sound of your wipers scraping against the windshield
    The storm you just drove through with white knuckles is finally over and you can finally breathe again
  2. Sitting on the front steps eating ice cream and just slightly sweating during one of the first warm days of Spring
  3. The sound of your laptop snapping shut after a long night of studying and you finally get to crawl in bed
  4. Queuing up a song you know a friend will like and then hearing them get excited about it
  5. Going to bed without setting an alarm for the next morning
  6. The feeling when your heart jumps for a second after the buzzer that tells you your table is ready goes off and the promise of food is imminent
  7. Sitting on the floor in a towel for awhile after showering
  8. Getting lunch with an old friend and them remembering your favorite restaurants
  9. Finding one more salty fry at the bottom of the bag
  10. Bonding over a tv show with a new friend
  11. The excitement and fear bubbling up in your stomach during a first date when you have no idea what will happen
  12. The little pop when you uncork a bottle of wine
  13. Justin Timberlake's new song: https://youtu.be/p5RobDomh5U