Episodes Of TV I Watch To Match My Mood

  1. Wanting to fall asleep
    Friends - The One Where No One's Ready
  2. 30 minute study break
    The Office - The Dinner Party
  3. Okay fine just one more study break
    Parks & Rec - The Fight
  4. Needing a good cry
    Friday Night Lights - The Son
  5. Needing a good cry, part 2
    Parenthood - There's Something I Need To Tell You... OR I'll Be Right Here
  6. Believing in love
    The Office - The Job
  7. Believing in love, part 2
    Friends - The One Where Ross Finds Out
  8. At the rec
    Newest season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  9. Background noise while doing something else
    New Girl - Cabin
  10. Bored and questioning all my life decisions
    Whatever the newest episode of Dating Naked is
  11. Getting mom to cuddle with me
    Hart of Dixie - The Big Day
  12. Bonding with @joshstorie
    Laguna Beach - What Happens in Cabo
  13. Feeling homesick
    Friday Night Lights - State
  14. Liking a boy too much/Hating all boys
    He's Just Not That Into You — not a TV show but still a go to