2. She bounds into class and sits down
  3. He asks about her date and she immediately changes the subject by asking if he's hot in the sweater he's wearing
    she thinks he's ***hotttt*** in the sweater he's wearing
  4. He tries to get details out about the date but she's super noncommittal with her answers
    "Are you going on a second?" "Yeeeesss???" "You can't say yes with that tone!!!!!"
  5. Unfortunately the usually quiet girl behind me found a chatty friend so the details of the date were hard to hear but I did gather that they went to Cheddars and she ran into a guy she babysits for & felt awk
  6. At one point he demanded to know, "DO YOU LIKE HIM OR NOT?!?!" To which she replied "I don't know!!!!!"
    the anxiety over losing her is apparent and overwhelming
  7. Then as class started the staring game resumed
    new move I'm going to start trying
  8. THEN in a stroke of luck she started writing notes to him right in my line of vision!!!!!
    it's like she knew me & 150 others were emotionally invested in her love story
  9. This is her drawing something for him
    I said "ugh I don't feel like writing all that down" to the guy next to me so he would think I was taking a picture of the overhead
    and we have names!!! I always pictured them as Beverley & Paul
  11. He always quietly responded to her notes so I'm not sure what his reactions were but the following are the highlights of her notes:
  12. "Christian - the guy that didn't ask the girl for her number"
  13. "The guy who missed out"
  14. "She could have been your wife"
  15. "You suck at asking girls out"
  16. "Do better"
    I like to think this is her passive aggressive way of calling him out for not asking her on a date
  18. Then the face poking ensued
    I'm learning all kinds of flirting tips from these two
  19. Alex suddenly asked, "What are you doing after class?"
  20. *my ears perked up*
  21. Then Christian mumbled something in return and I cursed him for speaking so meekly
  22. "You have to go on a lunch date with me!!!!!"
    home girl is coming on strong but I dig it
  23. I couldn't hear how he responded but I don't think it was positively because she furiously wrote down "don't be mad at me because you don't know how to ask out girls!!!!!"
  24. Sadly we then had to split up into groups for a group project so that was the end of the eavesdropping
  25. BUT I was walking behind them on campus as they were LINKING ARMS while walking
    also at this point she said "I'm mad this is the first time I've seen your forearm" which is a weird thing to say but we all say weird things in front of our crushes so I can't blame her
  26. My prediction is that she will ask him out via note in the middle of class within 2 weeks
  27. Wow thank you for going on this emotional rollercoaster with me
  28. Viva la Alex & Christian
  29. To be continued