1. It's been a quiet few weeks with the two love birds who have consumed my thoughts & my time
  2. We had a few classes working with our group project pals so my ability to sleuth was significantly hindered
  3. Then our prof cancelled class because of a "conference" in New Orleans
    It was Mardi Gras. My prof cancelled class so he could go to Mardi Gras.
  4. Home girl missed a few classes & I skipped one
    Don't tell my mom
  5. However, with the absence of Alex, I focused in on Christian. One day I saw him get off at the same bus stop as me after class
    I found this to be a little suspicious because I ride the same bus route at the same time every MWF and I've never seen him. My roommate thinks he was going to visit our bud Alex and I'm into it. Probability of that being true is low but I'm a dreamer
  6. But today we were all beautifully reunited
  7. She walks in dressed to the nines wearing a dope dress
  8. She starts talking about how she went to see How To Be Single and loved it so much that she snuck into the next showing
  9. After watching the movie she was inspired to be independent
  10. So she dumped a dude!!!!!
  11. Christian asked her if she wasn't interested in dating homebody or if she wasn't interested in dating at all and she said she didn't think she was interested in dating anyone
  12. So then she dumped 2 other dudes
  13. I'm starting to see homie's hesitation in asking her out
  14. But with the other 3 bozos out of the way, she spared no time in getting her flirt on
  15. "You're kind of funny but you're also annoying and I can hear your voice when you text me and then I see your face and it makes me smile"
    To which he responded, "this is getting weird"
  16. Yet his body language showed he was super into it
    Seriously more PDA than any actual couple I know
  17. I also think it's important to note than neither of them have anything to take notes on
    They are literally just coming to a class that doesn't take attendance to flirt
  18. By the end of class, he finally let her hold his hand
    After many failed attempts on her part
  19. I think it's safe to say Chalex is officially ~single and ready to mingle~
  20. To be continued