according to me
  1. Insisting your independence
    But then also being nervous to make your own eye appointments or go to the doctor by yourself
  2. Trying to stay true to your values and beliefs in college
    But also learning all these new viewpoints that you've never known before and trying to find a happy ground where you're open and accepting and always learning while still not abandoning things you've known to be truth
  3. Wishing you were dating someone
    But then remembering how much you love your freedom
  4. Getting excited for all the wine you're going to drink and people you're going to meet when you study abroad in Italy by yourself for a whole summer
    But also mentally comparing it to the Lizzie McGuire movie
  5. Being annoyed by the way time inches towards the weekend
    But then realizing how incredibly quick college has flown by and knowing soon you'll be leaving this comfortable bubble
  6. Being excited to apply for jobs and do something you're passionate about
    But then also having an identity crisis where you wonder if you've been studying the wrong things for three years and question if this job is even right for you
  7. Finding yourself so easily self-consumed
    But remembering that the world doesn't revolve around you
  8. Realizing there is so much injustice in the world and feeling personally responsible to fix it
    But feeling helpless and unsure on how to actually make a difference
  9. Feeling a pressure to be considered beautiful by society's standards
    But loving eating Whataburger at 2 am with your friends way more
  10. Constantly talking, planning, and dreaming about the future
    But trying to soak up every moment you're spending in this stage of life
  11. Desiring to make your life seem fun and interesting at all times on social media
    But learning that there is beauty in the mundane moments of life as well