it's a riveting story really
  1. 5:57 am - me and josh have our first fight
    we hadn't had our Starbucks yet
  2. 5:58 am - we have our second fight
    fighting about whether or not the first fight could even be considered a fight
  3. 5:59 am - we have our third fight
    fighting about what time our first fight was after I started annoyingly narrating our car ride with what time things started happening
  4. 6:04 am - start listening to serial
    we listened to all 12 episodes
  5. 5:13 pm - finish serial
  6. 5:14 pm - josh suggested we start serial season 2
    I suggested we take a break so instead I googled Adnan Syed because 12 hours of him wasn't enough
  7. 5:18 pm - we started season 2
    I caved & then fell asleep
  8. 6:16 pm - discussed generational differences with barb
    still centered around serial
  9. 6:30 - made it alive to grandparents house!!!
    then we told them about serial