I've been living in Italy for 6 weeks now! For me, everything feels so much more complicated but is so much more gratifying when you finally get it right
  1. Survived in London all alone for a few extra days after 2 flights got cancelled
    And I only cried in public once!!!!
  2. Figured out the Underground while in London by myself without getting lost
  3. Learned how to pick the best wine for your buck at the store
    Look for the DOCG label — it's the highest quality in Italy!
  4. Being asked for directions and actually knowing how to explain where to find their destination
    One guy even said "wow your English is really good!" which is encouraging because it's basically my only language
  5. Learned which gelato is the rip off touristy kind and which is the best
    After paying 10 euro for gelato on my first day in Florence :/
  6. Figured out the flow of the grocery store and can maneuver it without causing a backup at the register
    Bring your own bags and bag stuff up as they're checking it out because they don't do it for you like they do at home
  7. Survived airports & train stations & that one unofficial cab I accidentally got into without getting lost/kidnapped
  8. Perfected my cookie recipe
    I've had to tweak everything because ingredients, measurements, and degrees to cook on are all different here but after the third batch I think I have finally perfected it!