1. President's perfect daughter finally rebels but once she figures out the secret service has been tracking her the whole time she questions who she can trust
    Chasing Liberty, First Daughter, My Date with the President's Daughter
  2. Irresponsible dude becomes a dad figure
    Life as We Know It, The Kids Are Alright
  3. The road trip that doesn't go as planned
    Crossroads, Getting There
  4. An unlikely couple falls in love all whilst singing and dancing
    High School Musical, Grease, Across The Universe, Hairspray
  5. Life has dealt someone a terrible hand but they keep a self-deprecating humor about it
    It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Fundamentals of Caring, Me, Earl and the Dying Girl
  6. Seemingly random people have interconnected stories
    Valentine's Day, New Years Eve, Crazy Stupid Love, He's Just Not That Into You
  7. Two fast talking quirky people fall in love because of a mutual affinity for pop culture references and ridiculous fun facts
    What if, Gilmore Girls
    Elf, The Santa Clause, Miracle on 34th Street
  9. Incredibly romantic will they or won't they love story that ends with a passionate kiss but leaves me with a warped view about what a dating relationship looks like everyday because no one ever shows that part haha help idk what love is ????
    every movie ever