1. Drinking cold water after you wake up from a nap and your mouth is super dry
  2. Craving a specific song and then finally getting to play it and feeling warm & cozy & safe & familiar
  3. Realizing you haven't checked social media all day and being okay with not knowing what's happening in your virtual world
  4. Crushing all the words of a rap song
  5. Hitting that sweet spot when it comes to lengths of naps and waking up PUMPED
  6. Remembering that you have no school work you should be doing
  7. Cuddling with my mom & my puppy & watching Netflix until we all fall asleep on the couch
  8. Someone asking you for restaurant, music, movie, or book recommendations
  9. Walking straight through puddles with rain boots on like you own the place
  10. Finding a friend that you can sing terribly with in the car
  11. Reading a really good book or watching a really great show or movie for the first time and loving every new minute of it
  12. Rereading that favorite book or rewatching that favorite show and feeling comfortable & cozy & safe
  13. Finding a gift for someone that you know they'll love
  14. Feeling your eyes getting wider and your smile getting bigger when you're so in awe at a concert
  15. Being vulnerable with a friend and learning that y'all have gone through similar hard situations and realizing you're not alone
  16. Watching episodes of Friends until you fall asleep
  17. That feeling when you start a spontaneous road trip with your friends and can't stop laughing and saying "I can't believe we're doing this right now"
  18. Dancing around the kitchen while you make dinner when you're home alone and feeling like the opening scene of a rom com
  19. Knowing you don't have to go outside while it's raining
  20. Having chills when someone starts playing with your hair
  21. Studying really hard for a test and actually feeling like you crushed it when you walk out
  22. Not being rushed in the morning
  23. Walking home from class and it's sunny and you're listening to a podcast and you're done with class for the day and life is happy
  24. Having your family all in one place and knowing that everyone is healthy & happy & safe