My favorite guest stars on Lie To Me

ripped away from us too soon
  1. Nick Miller
    pissed because his ex girlfriend marries up
  2. Julia Braverman
    plays a woman with a multiple personality disorder
  3. James Lansome
    aka Katie Holmes' love interest in First Daughter. here he plays some important government guy who loves the spotlight
  4. Schmidt
    convinces himself his dad's hot young wife is in love with him
  5. Troy Bolton's mom
    plays a sketchy director of a juvie center
  6. Lena Adams Foster
    heads up a teenage beauty pageant where things go awry
  7. Christopher Hayden
    has facial reconstruction surgery to look like this babe then leads a cult
  8. Vince Howard
    plays a thug who has a keen eye for reading people. probs was setting him up for a regular slot before the show was prematurely cancelled RIP
  9. Collin Forrester
    has the hots for recently divorced women
  10. Herc
    trades in his wheelchair from FNL for a twisted brain that is set on destroying his sister
  11. Calvin Owens
    owns a multi billion dollar app with his college friends that allows you to instantly stalk anyone on the interweb that you see in real life