Texas forever but Italy sometimes
  1. All the clocks in the city chime at 2 minutes after the hour
  2. You can buy half bottles of wine!!!! And drink them on the street!!!!!
    ... Or alone in your room as you make your listappelorette bracket
  3. There's a crazy amount of dogs for a place with no grass
  4. You can hear live music playing from different parts of the city pretty much all the time
  5. No sales tax
  6. There's people eating at restaurants at all times of day, yet you never have to wait for a table anywhere
  7. The buildings are deceivingly big
    Everything looks so small and cramped from the outside but then inside they are all set up like giant mazes
  8. Netflix has a lot more movie choices
  9. Train stations remind me of airports in Nancy Drew novels
    This probably goes for all of Europe but did you know you can just buy a ticket at the station and leave immediately?! It's truly magical