In summary: florence got 3 months of my short life and it was DOPE
    I still have daily cravings
  2. That time I yelled at a pickpocketer outside Gusta and he gave my roommate her phone back
    And then obviously started cracking up because I'm so not intimidating and still don't know why that worked ???
  3. My favorite spot in Florence
    I walked by this spot everyday on my way to class, grocery store, leather market, etc and spent so much time listening to the musicians or just looking around in awe that I got to live here
  4. These chalk drawings that were different every day
  5. Karaoke at Red Garter
    Here's a pic of me having fun at my favorite bar featuring a couple making out against my back :/
  6. The day I got really lost and ended up here
    One day I was trying to have a nice air conditioned day inside a museum but somehow found myself up here with one of the best views of the city and then saw a rad art exhibit and ate Oreo gelato on the way home
  7. Becoming a regular at Boccadama
  8. Wine tastings
    the one where my roommate convinced me to spend 50 euros on wine
  9. The time I visited my roommate in London and had 2 flights cancelled so I was stuck for an extra 3 days
    Actually one of my favorite memories from the summer. I was all by myself exploring the city while she went back to work and I felt so empowered ya know?? Also so many free art museums!!!!
  10. Mastering my cookie dough recipe
    I had to really play around with it because all the measuring spoons, oven temperatures, and the size of granulated sugar were so different but I finally perfected it!!!
    I want to work in museum education so being constantly surrounded by art that I've studied in a classroom in small town Texas was incredible
  12. Easy access to other countries
    Switzerland: also dope
  13. Watching the bachelorette and having wine nights
    This tiny piece of normalcy was so needed and one of my favorite weekly traditions
  14. Celebrating American holidays the best way I know how
  15. The nightly gelato stops at Venchi
  16. My roomies
    We were all so different but meshed so well together and I miss them a lot
  18. Really long meals
    One of my favorite things about being abroad was that no one I was with could use their phone without wifi so we would have really long dinners with no phones and it's probably what I miss most
  19. I lived right by the ponte vecchio and it was so much beauty all the time wow
    ily florence