these are probably correct
  1. silver linings playbook
    bradley cooper plays a football player named Silver Lining. the whole movie is him reading and memorizing plays out of his playbook for the big game on friday.
  2. seeking a friend for the end of the world
    steve carell puts out an ad on craigslist seeking a friend for the end of the world. kiera knightly responds, they hide in a fancy underground bomb shelter that carell had been building for twenty years, and end up being the only 2 survivors after the end of the apocalypse. they then repopulate the earth.
  3. good will hunting
    a janitor solves an impossible math problem but can't solve his own life problems but it's chill because he has some famous friends and robin williams to help
  4. punch drunk love
    adam sandler makes a love potion that he puts in punch bowls at parties. he finds a girl he wants to marry but then realizes she just loves him because of his punch. spoiler: she didn't drink punch at the party and likes him for his humor!!! don't be dumb adam go get your girl!!!!
  5. twinsters
    two adopted twins living on different continents somehow find each other through the power of social media. they meet up, decide having a twin doesn't live up to the hype, and go back to living their respective lives.
  6. comet
    justin long meets his biggest idol, comet from full house, and gets completely star stuck
  7. elizabeth town
    orlando bloom meets a quirky flight attendant on his way to Ohio to meet his dead father's family. they talk on the phone for 12 straight hours but once they meet back up, they decide there's no chemistry. she gets back on a plane and he plans his father's funeral, while always remembering the quirky girl he wasted a full nights sleep on.
  8. manhattan romance
    a dude that is desperate for love interviews couples in order to find out how to score a lady friend. he tries to hang with some new age girls but then decides he's actually in love with his lesbian best friend.
  9. fame high
    a performing arts school is shutting down but a group of underdogs puts together a benefit show that saves the school!!!!! scouts from all the best companies/labels are there too and want to hire all of em right outta high school
  10. being ginger
    a ginger boy is self conscious about his hair color and interviews girls to see why girls won't date him. turns out it's because of his personality