Inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Parenthood
    Especially the FNL crossovers
  2. Playing Eagles songs on repeat when Glenn Frey died
    Whenever we moved into our new house in 3rd grade we got surround sound and my dad was freakin pumped!!! He would play Hotel California for anyone new that came over so they could enjoy the full effects of surround sound with him
  3. Love, Lust, or Run with Stacey London
    Me & my dad used to watch What Not To Wear every Friday night in middle school. He learned so much from the show that he even picked out my shoes for the homecoming dance freshman year and they freaking rocked!!
  4. Using words like "fleek" or "bae" with youngsters to embarrass me
    But he would also 100% use them correctly because he always understood pop culture
  5. The iPhone
    But I'm also so glad he couldn't have his email available to him at all times because he was already so dedicated to his clients
  6. Hamilton
  7. Selfies
    Funny ones from really bad angles
  8. Podcasts
    I used to make fun of him for listening to talk radio in the car but now I totally get it! After listening to Serial I wished I could have talked to him about it but I think he would also get into some really obscure ones about random interests of his.
  9. Love & Mercy
    Movie about the Beach Boys. SO good
  10. Informing me on the dangers of Donald Trump
  11. Love Never Felt So Good - Justin Timberlake & Michael Jackson
  12. FaceTime
  13. YMCA Youth & Government
    This is where kids get to pretend that they're part of the government (aka it's basically just the American government haha jokez lol) My dad got to be apart of this with my brother but passed away before I got to do it and I love thinking about how my judicial team would have been 10000x better if my dad could have trained us
  14. The Game of Things
  15. Late Night & Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  16. Using Bluetooth to talk to people in the car
  17. Lulu Lemon bicycle shorts
    My dad was a big dude who loved his bicycle shorts. I can only imagine him raving over Lulu then only asking for those for his bday for a few years