1. What's a good price for a round trip flight to California?
  2. Who is my primary care physician?
  3. Would you mind transferring $140 into my account for books?
  4. I hate to ask for more money but can you put $102 in my account to pay Amelia for the washing machine?
  5. Did we eat all the casserole last night?
  6. Have you seen fatal attraction?
  7. Is $53000 a year a good salary?
  8. If I want to wash bunny can I wash her with a light pink shirt I have? Then do I dry her or no?
    Bunny is a stuffed animal
  9. Can you send me my passport number whenever you get home?
  10. What's a normal price for a wedding dress?
  11. "I'm helpleeeeessssssss"