Inspired by @jennaec
  1. The handyman that stole my family's van when I was little
    His name was Bart & he sang opera while he painted
  2. That one guy that I've seen in three different cities
    Will we get married? Probably
  3. Justin Bieber's alleged baby mama circa 2011
    What happened to her? Is the baby really his? Does the kid know that their college is being paid for by a settlement with the biebs?
  4. That girl I saw crying at a coffee shop
    I think she got fired which is sucky. I hope she found a better job where they won't fire her in public
  5. My Instagram crush that ended up being in one of my classes
    I introduced myself once and then he dropped the class
  6. That woman I saw on an awkward first date at starbucks
    She deserved so much better than this chump and I hope she found love
  7. The couple from my past lists that are falling in love in my class
    Still no moves being made but almost every weekend I wonder if they're hanging out
  8. The whole cast of Laguna Beach
    I'm in a group text strictly dedicated to fan fiction we write about them
  9. A woman that I saw fall asleep on her car horn at a gas station
    Her horn went off for a few minutes and she never woke up so I really hope she was actually asleep