1. So one day last week I spent my Literature for Children class time reading this in depth conspiracy theory about Louis Tomlinson's baby being fake
    If you haven't read it you should because it's so intriguing and I've been talking about it all week
  2. Today my roommate tagged me on this picture
  3. And said
  4. I jokingly responded
    But also not really jokingly because I'm kinda considering that this might be a fake baby (also just realized I used "too" instead of "to" and I hate myself for it)
  5. AND THEN I got in my first tussle with a one directioner
    Sometimes when I'm bored I read the comment thread on a celebrity's Instagram because it's so entertaining to watch middle schoolers fight so this was actually pretty exciting for me
  6. But I decided to be the bigger person and set the record straight because I am probably, in fact, literally a bigger person than they are
    But honestly....... the baby might be fake y'all
  7. I thought it was over and regretted not fueling the fire a bit because I had 37 minutes left of class to entertain myself
  8. But then this happened
    And honestly I'm still confused about what they're correcting me on — so if anyone knows please help me out
  9. But despite all the DRAMA I still made a new friend
    A fan, if you will. Someone who is willing to stand by my side in the darkest corners of the interweb
  10. I then made this list with my remaining class time and pondered the plausibility of this Instagram fame going to my head