I worked at a snow cone stand for two summer right after high school. I think I spent more time with these people than my actual friends. Inspired by @laurenmasterson
  1. Teardrop Tattoo
    Scariest looking guy I've ever seen with two tear drop tattoos on his face but dude loved his snow cones. One time he didn't give me enough money but I was scared to confront him so I just let him go.
  2. Large Blue Cotton Candy
    Sweet lady came every day in her cotton candy colored truck and ordered a large blue cotton candy with extra syrup "because the pink one is crap". Asked about 3 times a week when we would get a larger size. Her teeth were falling out but I think we caused that.
  3. First Customer To Try All The Flavors
    Cute, endearing Becky would come with her less enthusiastic husband Gerald and their two Great Danes almost every day. They were the first ones to try all of our flavors and get their names on our wall. She got a part time job with us but then quit shortly after because employees don't get dinner breaks.
  4. Spider-Man No Top Extra Syrup
    Macho dude would come by a few times a week and order a medium spider-man, no top, extra syrup. He always thought I made it wrong but he still tipped me.
  5. The Guy That Tried To Break The Rules
    Every time he came he would try to order a snow cone with 4 flavors and when I would tell him I couldn't do it he would say "no they always do this for me! That other girl who works here said I can do it! She's not here but I promise". All the girls knew he was lying but sometimes rules are meant to be broken and I'm a pushover
  6. Ice With Sour Spray
    The snow cone stand was in a gym parking lot so we gave the gym owner's kids free snow cones. The daughter would just order ice with sour spray every time, eat a little, come back for more sour spray, and repeat.
  7. Whoever My Coworkers Were Dating At The Time
    But my mom came to visit me sometimes so it was chill