thanks for the request @pili_ervin!
  1. Well I really wish it was a more interesting story
  2. I have a tendency to try to balance things on my head and practicing walking like I'm in a princess movie
  3. The pineapple was more of a challenge and defeat seemed inevitable
  4. I was disheartened and wanted to end this struggle against my prickly adversary
  5. But I knew humans everywhere would be shaking their heads and texting their friends about the girl who couldn't show her dominion over a pineapple
  6. My family would consider me a disgrace
  7. I couldn't let my brother be the favorite child
  8. That gave me the motivation to finish this battle once and for all
  9. And the pineapple turned out to be no match against my human cognitive and problem solving skills
  10. And I once again ruled over God's green earth
  11. And my faithful friend Katy was there to capture my moment of pure joy at my victory
  12. Static
  13. This list goes out to all those elementary PE teachers that questioned by physical prowess
  14. Look at me now