an ode to the quirky school I love so much
  1. Rapping professor
    It was way too easy to find a picture of this guy. I'm not even sure what classes he teaches but you can find him daily standing on different benches & rapping & loving life.
  2. Silver Taps
    We have Silver Taps every month that a current student passes away. Thousands of students show up on campus at 10:30 pm and stand in silence for about 30 minutes to honor the student & their family. It's an amazing experience
  3. Yell leaders
    We have 5 yell leaders instead of cheerleaders. The student body votes to pick the yell leaders and it's a huge deal -- they're basically campus royalty. At games they use weird hand motions to call kinda complicated yells that the whole study body knows by heart.
  4. Reveille
    Rev is the queen of A&M. She has a handler who takes her everywhere with him and people stop him all the time to take pictures with her. If she barks during a class the class gets let out.
  5. Banner holding
    Banner holding is something you'll do for basically any organization that you're involved in. For any event, Student Body President race, fundraiser, or time applications come out for an organization people hold banners for weeks to get the word out. Certain parts on campus become war zones of people handing out flyers and asking you to join their organization. But everyone is nice to them because you've probably been that person handing out flyers before.
  6. MSC preacher
    There's a dude who just preaches at our Memorial Student Center everyday. No one really stops to listen but he just does his thing.
  7. Muster
    Muster is a really cool tradition where we honor every Aggie (past or present) that has passed away that year. The entire basketball stadium fills up with college students who gather to honor people that they probably haven't even met and it's so cool and gives me goosebumps
  8. Not walking on the TAMU seal
    There are two seals on campus that students can't walk or ~allegedly~ you won't graduate. I'm very A&M superstitions and not willing to risk it so I go out of my way to walk around them daily
  9. The Corps of Cadets
    I know ROTC is normal for many schools but I think we take it to an intense level. These dudes wear these uniforms every day on campus so it makes their presence feel a little overwhelming sometimes. They also have really weird workouts on campus where sometimes you see giant herds of dudes running with fake guns. One day I saw a guy just yelling at a tree. Still not sure what that's about
  10. Red ass
    This is what we call people who are like the ultimate Aggie
  11. Being over-involved in organizations
    I feel like this is the only time in my life I'll put in 40 hours a week into something I'm not getting paid for. Also hopefully the only time I'll have to wear business professional **fingers crossed**
  12. Century tree
    We have a lot of weird traditions here at A&M. One of my favorite ones is the century tree. If you walk under the tree with someone, y'all will be together forever. BUT if you walk under it alone, you'll be alone forever DUN DUN DUNNN. Everyone actually takes it super seriously. I would never walk under it with someone unless we're engaged. But if it looks like I won't get married, I'll gladly walk under it alone so I can blame it on the tree.