1. Today I accidentally snorted cinnamon sugar up my nose and I didn't hate it
    And then I blew my nose and a booger covered in cinnamon sugar came out ...... probably TMI but it's really your own fault for opening this list
  2. In first grade I made a really gross concoction at lunch with my friend Sarah and we left it on the playground and someone ate it
  3. Every summer I watch the Jonas Brother's Disney Channel show JONAS illegally online
  4. Last semester me & my roommate drove past an ice cream shop and saw some really cute boys we had minor crinkles on and we stopped in and acted like we didn't know they were there and just wanted ice cream
    We didn't tell any of our other roommates because we were ashamed
  5. Sometimes I pretend to be asleep if I don't want to talk to people
  6. In pre school I accidentally pulled the babysitter's hair and let my friend Calee take the blame for it because the babysitter started yelling
  7. Sometimes I say "oh yeah I just did a chill workout in my room — like some crunches & squats" but what I really mean is "I just did the Pussycat Doll workout video alone in my room but I stopped early because I thought I heard someone come home"
  8. Senior year of high school I had a dream that I kissed one of my 8th grade campers from art camp and I just couldn't look him in the eyes after that
  9. Yesterday I saw a spider in my room but I couldn't make myself kill it because I had just read Charlotte's Web for my children's lit class and I've been avoiding my room ever since because I don't know where the spider is
  10. I really like Avril Lavigne but like not in an ironic way
  11. Giphy