1. "I have kids your age and usually we go on vacation together during the summer but this summer they couldn't come so I just rented an apartment in Florence by myself for six weeks and I'm just here taking some classes!"
    I want to be you
  2. "I had to cancel all my tinder dates last night because my eye looked so gross"
    wait how many dates do you have lined up for one night???? so much respect hot mama
  3. "I went into this store yesterday and they invited me to a fashion week party!!!"
    **shows me few pictures but not too many bc "I didn't want to look too touristy"**
  4. "I saved water sports for my husband"
    Me: "wait like water skiing?" Her: "no like sex in the water...." GAH IM SUCH A GOOB
  5. "Back in the ancient days I got on a boat with this local who said he could take me swimming with sharks.. I later realized he was missing a few fingers but it was fine I knew the sharks would eat other people before me"
    "Were you in a cage?" "Nah just swimming next to the boat" WHAT AH
  6. "I'm 52 (*more words that I didn't hear because so shocked at what a babe she is*)"
  7. **praying hot mom is actually future me time traveling to give me a preview of what my life will look like in 31 years**