things I'm still working on/working on being less annoyed about
  1. Acting superior to others because we think our majors are more important/harder/will make us bank right out of college
    looking @ u business & engineering majors
  2. Using the term "MRS degree" seriously
    I keep typing out soap boxes on this one then deleting them because they get too weird & personal but basically we are all different & interested in different things and you don't have to be a CEO to be a baller
  3. Defining people by what organization they're in
    i'm so guilty of this!!!! it's so easy to describe people's organization as an identifier of who they are or to think "oh they're in _____ so they're this kind of person" but humans are way more complex than that simple label. new semester resolution: use vivid adjectives to describe my friends to each other instead of putting them in boxes
  4. Packing up while the prof is still talking
    how sad would you be if you were talking about something you're passionate about and everyone just left?!
  5. Talking about being fat with people who are clearly bigger than you
    you're not fat and you're probably making your friends super self conscious so chill homie
  6. Getting too involved in other people's relationships
    I'm a very emotionally invested friend but this can get weird real fast. also not every person handles relationships the same so just let them do them & u do u bb gurl
  7. Acting like our lives are so much harder/we're so much busier than everyone else around us
    something me, freshmen frat pledges, and people involved in too many organizations all have in common
  8. Not sleeping
    everything is better after a nap
  9. Using our current situations or crappy past as an excuse to treat people badly
    everyone goes through crap. use that to bond with people in similar situations. help each other be better despite that. you can't let that determine how you treat everyone around you who loves you & might not understand parts of you. help them help you ya feel?
  10. Eating your roommates food without asking
    it's weird and won't fly in the real world. ex: the one with ross' sandwich
  11. Comparing ourselves to others
    you are cool & unique & I want to be your friend just the way you are
  12. Smoking
    seriously how do people think this is still a good idea?!!?