1. Traveling by yourself is freaking empowering
    Late flights, missed connections, sketchy cab rides, language barriers, getting majorly ripped off — but I survived
  2. Only being able to use your phone when you have wifi makes you way more vulnerable socially
  3. One glass of wine makes you a little less vulnerable socially
  4. I say "y'all" way too much
  5. Most of the time the best adventures just start with you hesitantly agreeing to something out of your comfort zone
  6. It's okay to take a day to recharge — your new city will still be there tomorrow
  7. The "fake" gelato is expensive but the really good gelato is super cheap
    Learned this 10€ and a hand covered in fake gelato later
  8. I thought I would probably die via ISIS on this trip, but I'll probably get hit by an Italian driver
  9. Italian Netflix is bomb
    Aka it has all the terrible rom coms that I love