1. Lacey Chabert's career has gone downhill since Mean Girls
    I bet Regina George told her that films released in theaters are her thing
  2. Her house is way too big/nice for a single mom without a job
    Turns out it's the home she grew up in
  3. Little girl is a horrible actress
    Should have gotten an Olsen twin
  4. Every time I watch a Christmas movie, the part of me that still thinks Santa is real awakens
  5. Mariah Carey might be an even worse actor than little girl
  6. Teacher/student relationship is not ministry safe
    If this was a Lifetime movie, this relationship would take a creepy turn real quick
  7. Prediction: school janitor = Santa Clause
  8. So many empty promises
    Janitor/Santa tells little girl that all she has to do to make all her wishes come true is sing about them & Gretchen Wieners tells elementary aged daughter she will never make a big decision without consulting her first
  9. PTA hosts a gluten free bake sale
    So 2015
  10. Confirmation: janitor is Santa!!!!!!!
  11. I need to find a podcast about Hallmark movies STAT