Currently rewatching and I just have so many questions
  2. Do you think in the script it has words for most people's lines and for CMM it just says "pensive stares with lips pursed" for the majority of it?
  3. OKAY SO I might be giving OTH too much credit but I have a theory that Lucas' voiceover reading excerpts from classic novels is used as a metaphor for what kind of person he is
    Okay hear me out. The first few episodes it happens every episode, but when he gets cool and starts dating Brooke it stops (he also mentions he doesn't have a lot of alone time so no time to read!!!). But then the episode where he decides to leave town to be a better person IT COMES BACK. It's probably them just being lazy but maybe not ????
  4. Also Keith told Karen "you have to open up your heart. You have to let someone see how staggering you are" and that's my new favorite compliment!!!!!!!!