i've never been good at the follow through. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ inspired by @MCWillZ
  1. Childhood best friend
    We confessed our love on speaker phone while I was at my friend's house freshman year of high school and then he asked me to be his girlfriend in a movie theater when we went to see Whip It with 2 of my friends. I kept freaking out and going to the bathroom when he would try to hold my hand. We broke up over text a month & a half later but I was relieved because having a boyfriend was scary. I went to his wedding this past summer LOL
  2. Texas Youth and Government Conference
    YAG is this organization where kids pretend to be part of the government and I was OBSESSED. I had a big crush on a boy who was on the #1 judicial team in the state & looked like Joseph Gordon Levitt. We ended up going to prom together as *more than friends* but he was kinda the worst date. Then he stopped talking to me & made it FBO with a girl a week later. High school is hard.
  3. 8 am bowling class
    We met for coffee at the end of the semester and instantly hit it off. We had a ~thing~ for 6 months and now we awkwardly run into each other periodically. Twice just yesterday!!!!