1. This is Mamaw
    She makes the best biscuits & chocolate gravy and can always stay up later than me no matter how hard I try
  2. This is Papaw
    He wears overalls every day and sells vegetables from his garden at a roadside stand outside of his house
  3. Don't let their cuteness fool you
  4. They're freakin trendsetters
  5. For example, Mamaw has been called Papaw "ratchet" since they've been together
    It's a mix of his first and last name -- Radford Pritchett
  6. Also, Papaw has always called my mom "bae"
    My mom's name is Barbara and when she was a baby her brother couldn't say her name, so he called her bae and it stuck
    That's how my grandparents met!! During the date Papaw jumped over the front seat of the truck, sat in between Mamaw & her date and asked her to go out with him. Real original, Blake & Ryan
  8. Check out their mixtape dropping 2.23.16