Thanks for the request @nathanveshecco!
  1. I love that music brings people together
    Whether you're reaching for conversation topics on a first date or just dancing with strangers at a bar, anytime both parties say "I love this song!" theres an instant bond between them
  2. I love that sometimes music says what you feel but haven't been able to put into words
    I started a playlist with songs that so perfectly nail those emotions that I haven't been able to articulate so whoever I date next can understand the inside of my brain better hehe
  3. I love that music is therapeutic, both for the person writing it and for the person belting it out in their car
    And for a moment you know that you're not alone
  4. I love the experience of concerts
    Something is so powerful about being in a tiny venue and seeing an artist sing alone with their guitar with their eyes closed and you know that they're feeling every word they're singing or being in a huge stadium with thousands of people that know all the words to the same song and everyone is forgetting all the bad in the world for those few hours
  5. I love that music has the ability to bring you back to a specific moment
  6. I love that music can just make you feel good
    There's some songs you just can't listen to without smiling
  7. I love that someone's music taste captures their personality so well
    I love hearing the surprising artists or genres that my friends are into because it helps me understand them that much better
  8. I love that dancing is the ultimate bonding experience and mood booster
    And what's a good dance party without good music?