1. Baby Lindsay Lohan as me
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    We both exude freckles and innocence
  2. Sandra Bullock as my mom
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    Based on babe status & her ability to portray "Barb the Bulldog" -- as we call my mom
  3. James Avery as my dad
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    One time my dad tried on a sweater vest and I told him he looked like Uncle Phil but he got kinda offended
  4. Stephen Colletti as my brother (aka @joshstorie)
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    They both longboard & have crushes on Lauren Conrad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Skylar Astin as my boyfriend
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    But like specifically his character in Pitch Perfect because I think we might be soulmates
  6. Cast of parks and recreation as my roommates & bffs
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    Leslie - my roommate Sarah; April - my roommate Anna; Ann - my roommate Amelia; Tom - my roommate Cheyanne; Andy - my friend Franco; Ben - my friend Caid; Ron - my friend Lee; Jerry/Gary/Larry/Terry - me actually probs
  7. Retta as @KikiHines
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    Based on mannerisms