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We went to New Zealand on our honeymoon. It was pretty epic. Everyone should go at least once in their life. Photos could never do it justice.
  1. Hiking the Franz Josef Glacier
  2. Bungee Jumping the Auckland Bridge
  3. River Rafting in Rotorua
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Located about 2 hours north of Seattle, Washington, the San Juan Islands are a slice of heaven I have enjoyed visiting for many years. Best time to go? July-August.
  1. Sunsets are ridiculous
  2. Like seriously ridiculous
  3. Shrimping is a big to do off of San Juan Island
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I'm guessing this was not how it should happen. It did remove a lot of the discoloration from my face though! LONG STORY SHORT: GO TO A REAL DERMATOLOGIST FOR THIS PROCEDURE NOT A LASER TECHNICIAN!!!
  1. Day 0- What my normal face looks like
  2. Day 1- About 2 Hours Post-IPL
  3. Day 2- UHHHHH feeling a little bloated
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