Stages of an Extreme Ipl Photofacial

I'm guessing this was not how it should happen. It did remove a lot of the discoloration from my face though! LONG STORY SHORT: GO TO A REAL DERMATOLOGIST FOR THIS PROCEDURE NOT A LASER TECHNICIAN!!!
  1. Day 0- What my normal face looks like
  2. Day 1- About 2 Hours Post-IPL
  3. Day 2- UHHHHH feeling a little bloated
  4. Day 3- Buzz's girlfriend. Woof.
  5. Day 4- Gotta go back to work in 2 days. Starting to panic.
  6. Day 5- This isn't looking promising
  7. Day 6- Back to work. Maybe a little makeup will hide this monstrosity
  8. Day 7- Hat and Glasses Mask
  9. Day 8- Finally back to normal.