Memories for my 365 gift jar. For mom.
  1. Dancing in the kitchen while you cook.
  2. Bringing the mattress in the kitchen to watch downloaded movies on the computer.
  3. Learning to play Rummy in the laundry mat.
  4. Getting my stolen skates back because I switched one of mine for yours.
  5. Going to the park by the pond at night.
  6. Burying earrings in the park to let Kaitlyn think she found treasure.
  7. Sledding down a tiny hill during a day trip up north.
  8. Calling a camping trip quits early because you thought you heard a bear.
  9. Going to Great Skate all the time.
  10. Long drives to school in the morning blasting Christian music.
  11. Asking you "would you love me if.." questions all the time.
  12. Hanging wet clothes out the window while driving so they dry faster.
  13. Giving you the best chocolate as parent tax on Halloween.
  14. Calling you on ditch days to tell you I was ditching.
  15. Having "the talk" and being embarrassed and yet comfortable.
  16. Catching cicadas and bringing them in and you telling me to "leave those bugs outside."
  17. Getting a Disney autograph book as a surprise before going to Disneyland.
  18. Getting a wand at Disneyland and making you think you were getting pulled over.
  19. Being your Map reader for every trip.
  20. You getting me my first cell phone for my babysitting job.
  21. Picking out custom ringtones for my phone.
  22. You always taking my side when it came to bed teachers.
  23. You calling Ms. Moe a "sad little woman on a power trip picking on kids."
  24. Seeing your face from the stage when I won the chorus award.
  25. Being so excited to tell you about my grades.
  26. Telling you about all my friend gossip.
  27. Shopping for three days at four malls to find the perfect red top for my 21st Birthday.
  28. Wanting to spend all my special days with you.
  29. Watching Gilmore Girls every week together.
  30. Watching Charmed every week together.
  31. When you used codes for Christmas gifts to try and stop bickering.
  32. When I spent all my birthday money on Christmas gifts for everyone else.
  33. When you surprised me with my first laptop and I cried.
  34. When you tried to surprise me with my green laptop but I read your face and guess.
  35. When you tried to convince me Mac-n-Cheese was good because that's all Kaitlyn would eat for months.
  36. When you cried seeing me before prom.
  37. When you cried seeing me at graduation.
  38. When you cried seeing my 8th grade promotion.
  39. When you tried to dye my hair blue for the first time on my 15th birthday.
  40. When you took me to a baseball game with Nana and then took me home when it was way too hot.
  41. When you climbed into my hospital bed to watch The Vampire Diaries with me.
  42. When you believed me when I told you the pain was real.
  43. When you cried when I told you I was accepted into the nursing program.
  44. When you told me to drive the Altima around the block with you and freaked me out so bad a parked it and made you drive back.
  45. When you have me such a wide variety of music that I surprise everyone.
  46. Going with me on field trips even when they were lame and just a trip to McDonalds.
  47. Painting a giant butterfly and flowers on Kaitlyn iltn and my wall.
  48. Playing the Harry Potter video game together which really meant you playing and me shouting next to you.
  49. When you gave me my own bedroom and you slept on the couch just to give me some space.
  50. When you took me to get my very first set of scrubs and rocked the crazy unorganized rack to find the right ones.
  51. Learning to fly kites in the big park.
  52. Having water balloon fights outside weekly during the summer.
  53. Convincing me to go to, then taking me to buy a last minute dress for homecoming freshman year.
  54. Every time you read my mind.
  55. When you would pop my toes against my will.
  56. Our all day arts and crafts binges that always add up to amazing home decor.
  57. When you took me to ARTherapy for my birthday and it was one of the best.
  58. When we ditched school so that you could take me ice skating to practice before my birthday.
  59. Bringing my cupcakes to class with a pinwheel (no candles) for my birthday.
  60. Coming up with secret codes for things together.
  61. Climbing into bed with you when I had a bad dream.
  62. Posing for pictures for big events for you; first day of high school, graduation, first day of college, and first day of nursing.
  63. Calling you after every big event to share it with you.
  64. Always having your support when it comes to my dreams.
  65. Watching my first scary movie about the haunted house that talks and becoming addicted.
  66. Calling you my hero/inspiration/mentor/role model for everything always.
  67. Every time we had deep and intimate conversations and I felt completely understood/safe.
  68. Whenever we would get into an argument and I would clean the house and it was an understood apology.
  69. Always borrowing your things and forgetting to give them back.
  70. Tagging you in millions of animal videos on Facebook.
  71. Making my favorite dessert, everything bars, and waiting forever to finally eat them.