Technology rules our lives, yet there are very few TV shows that reflect the current state of our existence. Apps, like Angry Birds have become movies, so maybe one day @bjnovak will develop a show about where our lists inspire the episodes and we'll all get a cut of the profits but until that day comes, these tv shows will see us through!
  1. Halt and Catch Fire
    A fictional series loosely based on the birth of the PC market. This series filled the Mad Men shaped hole left in my life. It stars Lee Pace as the super callous sales man Joe MacMillan who moves to the Silicon Prairie of Texas in 1983. The opening scene shows Joe driving at top speed through the back roads of Texas. Joe stops and steps out of the car when he hits the Texan emblem of an armadillo... Subtext, Texas has no idea what's about to hit them!
  2. Silicon Valley
    This show makes me so happy! I laugh at the humour, marvel as they leap from one disaster to another and cry over how inadequate my brain is. (Damn I wish I could code!) All the best lines are delivered by the always entertaining TJ Miller. I love this show so hard!
  3. The IT Crowd
    To be fair, beside the title of the show, there is very little tech talk, but what it lacks in tech it makes up for in laughs... Like literally every single line is funny! Every character, every scene, everything! It only went for 3 series, plus a Christmas special, but I learnt so many things from this show, like never type Google into Google or you will break the internet!