Cool Things I Have Ticked Off My Bucket List

  1. Work on "Hollywood" film
    My first job on a major production was X-Men Origins: Wolverine as a makeup artist... It took a few more films to get what I wanted which was to see my name in the credits... The work isn't steady yet, but I'm still working towards my goal of working as a writer/producer
  2. Sit in the cockpit of a commercial plane (post 9/11 seeing it's not allowed anymore)
    When I worked in travel, (between film jobs) we would visit the airlines so we could sell the product better. I strayed from the group and being my naturally chatty self struck up a conversation with the pilots who were on a lunch break in the cockpit and boom, next thing I know I'm in the pilots seat, playing with the joy stick of the plane, like I'm in an 80's video game!
  3. Go behind the scenes at Disneyland
    It was the space mountain ride and it looked like Dr Evil's secret lair with all the black and yellow danger lines painted on the floor and all the golf buggies and the track for the ride. It's pretty rad!
  4. Walk the streets of Shakespeare and visit the site of the Globe theatre and visit the new Globe theatre
    Shakespeare is my messiah, his words my bible, his insight into human nature, profound, so seeing these things was my version of a pilgrimage to Mecca!
  5. Meet Samuel L. Jackson
    And better still, dance to Play That Funky Music White Boy with him! (OMG! We did the bump, our butts touched!). He is truly the King of Cool!
  6. Fold a paper crane to leave at the Sadako memorial in Hiroshima
    Probably the first bucket list item I ever came up with before it was a thing. I read the story of Sadako when I was 11 and resolved to fold a crane and leave it there. I remember practicing folding them all the time that year...