Movie watching thoughts

  1. I was going to watch the 2013 film Cooties because I haven't seen it before
    but I am also eating pizza, and the opening titles was turning me off my food...
  2. So I decided to watch Bride Wars on Netflix
    I've only watched it once before, so I thought a light hearted comedy is the way to go
  3. I forgot Chris Pratt was in this!
    That should be enough for me to cue it up...
  4. But the plot is coming back to me
    Wasn't he the villain of the piece?
  5. Why?! He put the ring in a Fortune Cookie
    That's pretty romantic!
  6. It's movies like these that remind me why I don't want a wedding...
    I like the idea of marriage, but it's all flavours of crazy sauce to spend so much on what is just a party.