Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I have waaaay too many screenshots on my phone, here are just a few!
  1. Someone had fly Wi-Fi
    And I just wanted proof I witnessed it and it in fact exists!
  2. Because I'm a weirdo
    And I like to remind myself I am in excellent company!
  3. Titus Burgess Insta Pic
    This was posted to Instagram by the amazing Tituss Burgess and I fucking loved it!
  4. Part of an Esquire Article with Tom Hiddleston I found really compelling.
    The actor prepared for his role in High Rise by sitting in on a real autopsy. The human mind fascinates me and the awesome weirdness of witnessing something so abnormal has me a little jealous and as a someone who suffers from anxiety and depression the fact that you can't see any evidence of the way mine and so many other brains are "wired"... I saved it because I wanted to do some more research on it, and this screen cap was to trigger my memory.
  5. The Happy Mothers Day gif I sent to my sisters
    hashtag "This is what no kids look like!" Suckers!
  6. Screenwriting advice from my teen idol Joss Whedon
    I felt compelled to keep this for my own endeavours.
  7. A Kurt Vonnegut quote posted on Facebook by Elizabeth Gilbert
    His words are breakfast for champion writers
  8. A Tibetan Proverb from Facebook
    I saved it because the smiles on those kids faces brought me a lot of joy!
  9. A Post on Facebook
    Because I have such fond memories of this Rollercoaster that used to be in the shopping centre in Brisbane city. When we skipped school, we could go there and ride it!
  10. The front of the roller coaster for @KiraThePotato
  11. Kissing Kanye
    Because I always want this image to exist!
  12. My next tattoo "To the stars" in Latin
    I always design them on my phone or have them there, because I am prone to doing these things on a whim!
  13. A quote related to feminism from Insta
    Cherry Healy is a fabulous British journalist and she posted it to her Insta, I'm not sure if it's her words or just a post of hers. When I first saw this, I agree with the essence of it, but I thought the way it was worded was rather judgemental and wanted to address this.
  14. The Result of a Buzzfeed Quiz
    I was to shy to post it to Facebook incase people thought I was conceited (please don't think I am)
  15. A photo from my friends Instagram
    Memories of the night we partied with the King of Cool himself!