I'm all for rule breaking, but if the following rules were adhered to, there is no doubt in my mind this world we live in would be a far better place!
  1. The buffer seat at the Cinemas
    Why, when there are adequate volumes of seating around you would you not choose to leave a buffer seat between you and a stranger? I don't know you, and I don't want your mouth breathing popcorn breath anywhere near my vicinity, but of course I can't say that, all I can do is passive aggressively clear my throat in disapproval!
  2. The Zipper Rule when merging lanes
    If you are already in the lane, you are obliged to let one car in front of you, just one, so if you're a merging vehicle and a driver is letting the car in front of you merge, don't you go trying to push in as well. Drivers, don't think you're above the damn law either, don't try and get away with not letting that car in ... It's not complicated!
  3. Letting the person with 1 item infront of you when at the supermarket
    It's a kindness that I like to offer and have never been offered in return, but I believe that one day karma will notice and reward me on those very rare occasions when I have one item to buy.
  4. Be kind to your barista's and wait staff!
    Nobody is better than anybody else. We're all just doing our jobs and deserve respect. Also, I'm not saying they would, but wait staff have the opportunity to do terrible things to your food in retribution... Do you really wanna risk it?
  5. Stop at a Zebra Crossing
    Let a driver register you are there instead of just ploughing headlong into traffic. When we were children we were taught to look both ways before we crossed. I'm not sure millennium nnials are being taught the same things. Seriously pedestrians, brakes need time to slow to a stop...
  6. The Thank You Wave
    Further to the Zipper Rule, if you let someone in, or make way for someone on the road, anywhere, they must give you a wave to thank you. It's not hard, just a simple acknowledgement that someone has doe something to help you!
    Suggested by @Mischief_Manager
  7. Respect the buffer zone for urinals
    In fact, if is ideal if you take the urinal that is furthest from the nearest person.
    Suggested by @mrkylematz
  8. Puting your shopping cart away after using it
    NOT in the middle of the parking lot
    Suggested by @MissBrightside
  9. Don't talk to the person with their nose in a book.
    If they wanted to have a conversation, they wouldn't have their nose in a book.
    Suggested by @katetbh
  10. Using the words Please, Excuse Me, Thank You, Sorry and Your Welcome in public situations.
    While shopping and you need to get something on a shelf but someone has a cart in the way or you would like to get down an aisle and someone has a cart right in the middle, at a restaurant and you need to get the wait staffs attention, at a concert or festival just trying to get through a crowd, even if someone holds a door or elevator for you.
    Suggested by @jarretj
  11. Don't come to a sudden stop when walking through shopping centres
    Nothing pisses me off more than being cut off when the person in front of me comes to a sudden halt when I'm walking through a shopping centre! You're in a crowd?! The people behind you don't just disappear when you stop suddenly! Be present and considerate of where you are!
  12. Stay to one side when using an escalator or travelator
    We've come so far technologically speaking that It seems a shame not to let the machinery do the work for me, but I appreciate someone wants to move faster than the 9km/ph, so if you're remaining stationary, stay to one side (using the side of the road you drive on as a guide... We drive on the left in Australia, so I stand to the left) so that those who want to move past you can with ease. It's just common sense people!