Why this chick rocks?

An a appreciation list dedicated to @jpbateson
  1. Age is just a number...
    She's so youthful... forever young, you'd never guess we weren't around the same age
  2. We've been friends for 10 years
    We met at work 10 years ago and it's definitely one of my longest friendships ever
  3. I can tell her anything
    And she doesn't think I'm crazy for it (even when I know I am)
  4. She so's pretty
    The camera doesn't lie... 📸
  5. She encourages me to follow my screen writing/producing dreams
    When my confidence is shaky, she's the first one to talk me off the ledge... And she knows I got her back!
  6. She's my ride or die homie!
    Especially when it comes to movie dates! 📽
  7. She co-organised a kick ass meet up with @jessicaz
    And it's a totally amazing time!
  8. @list HQ are missing out!