Why you should definitely see HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE

I was lucky enough to score a ticket to the Hunt for the Wilderpeople Australian premiere and I throughly enjoyed this film and anyone who sees it will enjoy it to the very end! So without further ado the reasons you should check it out!
  1. Taika Waititi
    He brought you Flight of the Conchords, Eagle Vs Shark, Boy and What We Do In The Shadows. He is also helming the third instalment of the Thor franchise! He is funny in person, funny onscreen and funny in writing! His name may be hard to pronounce (Tie-kah Why-tee-tee) but his comedy pronounces itself!
  2. Julian Dennison
    To quote Taika, "His overconfidence will be his downfall" but this 13 year old kiwi is full of swag and embarks on the world with a fascinating sense of self for one so young! As Ricky Baker, he played the role with such natural ease that I cannot imagine anyone else playing this part!
  3. Rhys Darby
    Such a funny kiwi, he won our hearts as Murray in Flight of the Conchords and cemented his comedy status in The Boat That Rocked (I think it was called Radio Pirates in the US.). He plays the role of Psycho Sam and is responsible for some of the best laughs in the film!
  4. Sam Neill
    I don't really need to list the cool things about Sam Neill, do I?! (Dr Alan Grant, for one, just incase I do?)
  5. It's a family film that's fun for all ages
    We don't get the films like we did when we were kids... Home Alone, Bushwhacked, Heavy Weights or The Sandlot Kids have all given way to CGI or Marvel movies. This film harks back to a simpler time in film making, yet still delivered in a sophisticated way that we, the audience, have come to expect.
  6. It's been over a week since I saw it and I still find myself bursting out laughing when I'm remind of gags from the film
    Whether it's Ricky dancing and listening to imaginary music on his bush-made iPod or his rhythmically cocking a rifle while shouting "Shit! Just! Got! Real!" or the thousand other jokes not put in the trailer, I'm instantly put in a great mood when I think about this film!
  7. Tupac lives and is Skux!
    Bella: "What are you going to name your dog?" Ricky "I don't know, something tough like Psycho, Megatron or Tupac."
  8. You'll learn new lingo, like "Skux"
    Skux is interchangeable with playa, gangsta and shit depending on the context.
  9. "'Faulkner is cauc-asian' - well, they got that wrong because you're obviously white." ...
  10. Julian and Taika on the green carpet!
  11. It was a collaborative effort!
    In the Q&A session, it was revealed that 13 year old Julian came up with the trap door gag, just goes to show your never too young to contribute to the collaborative effort that is film
  12. My sister Nadia, myself and Nicole - who both work for the studios where Taika is currently working.