It's Sunday. Football is on. My mind starts to wonder...GO STEELERS 🏈
  1. Why do all the short, quick players have dreads?
    It must be fun having those locks bouncing around...?
  2. Whose job is it to censor all of the cursing by the players on the field?
    Every play. Occasionally you mess up and we get to hear an F-bomb or an N-word on national tv,
  3. What is the most popular flavor gatorade?
    Do players get a choice? Is it by team or...?
  4. Do the kickers/punters rage?
    I always wonder what chemistry they have with the rest of the team.
  5. What do the commentators do when they go home after a game?
    Watch more football? Do their job for free?
  6. Do players own jerseys of other players?
    What if that 3rd string free safety is a huge Odell Beckham Jr. fan?