Inspired by @aus10
  1. We texted beforehand for about a week and a half before I asked her to hang out
  2. I was supposed to pick her up and we go to chipotle
  3. She texts me 10 min before our agreed time saying she was running late
  4. Followed by a text saying she wasn't hungry but we could still go!
    No. Not about to eat by myself with you...that's weird
  5. I suggest another idea
    I was hungry tbh
  6. She says she can make me food at her house so just come there
  7. Everything is fine..she tries to reheat some spaghetti from her freezer but gets confused/frustrated and starts crying and proceeds to call her mom
    I should've just left then.
  8. Her mom comes home and makes me the spaghetti.
    I met her mom. 👋🏾
  9. We watch a couple episodes of TV
  10. I suggest going to get ice cream. Her mom asks if we can bring some home for her little cousins...
  11. Like Sure?
  12. We have decent conversation while ordering ice cream for her fam.
  13. On the way home, she gets a call from one of her girlfriends who is having boy probz
  14. "Sure, come over! Meet you at my house."
    Wait. What...
  15. Friend is at her house when we get back. She wants to go to a party...I'm like nah.
  16. 👋🏾
    Cut my losses 😑