Testimonial from DJ YaBish
  1. Having to save your "best" songs until there are enough ppl dancing.
    It's no use playing Gold Digger unless people are gonna scream along to it
  2. "Do you know [insert Billboard Top 50 song here]?
  3. Feeling a song WAY more than anyone else there
    This song is 🔥 y'all just don't know it yet.
  4. When people sheepishly approach you to request a song, usually in groups.
    You just make me feel awkward as some authoritative figure. It reminds me of children trying to plot the best way to ask a parent for more allowance. None for you.
  5. When people repeatedly approach you to request songs, usually individually.
    You've requested like 5 songs. I'm not your Spotify. Go Dance. FOH.
  6. "Can you play [insert song here]? It's CHILL."
    Chill? My job is to have people dance and jump around and sing-along. If you wanted to "chill" you should be at home watching your stolen Netflix.
  7. "Can you wish my friend Happy Birthday at midnight?"
    Not really..🎂
  8. Playing songs I don't like because the radio has killed them.
    AKA Jason Derulo(ser)
  9. People who try and have a conversation with me as I'm working
    Kinda busy here...sorry?
  10. People offering to buy me drinks
    I can't get drunk on the job 😩
  11. BONUS: "How much do you get paid? It must be a lot. What a sweet gig!"
    First of all, it's none of your business. Secondly, I have expenses/bills to pay just like the rest of you...it's a job. Yeah, it's a job I mostly have fun doing, but there's more work to it than you think. I just make it look easy. 😏