Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Finals week was last week. This screenshot very much so describes me all last week. Ha! Love this so much
  2. Sloth yoga. I like sloths. I like yoga. I have a lot of friends who like sloths & yoga. Why wouldn't I send this to those who love both?!
  3. This MSU student did this to her cap with all the parking tickets she received. Everyone that knows me knows I'm a pro at getting parking tickets everywhere I go. No more explanations needed
  4. My debate every day. Love tacos. Love running. So maybe I'll do both ha! Seems like a good idea as long as the tacos come after the run
  5. I always talk about wanting to live in Florida. However, these kinds of pictures make me enjoy the weather here in MI. Face might hurt all winter, but no venom to deal with