Things I'd like to do this summer

My summer 2016 bucket list
  1. Physics 2 - hoping to at least 3.5 it & 4.0 if I'm feeling extra ambitious
  2. Panama - so many things to go off of this one. Speaking in Spanish for a whole day while I'm there. Trying something out of my comfort zone. Trying a new food.
  3. Florida trip - also so many things. To be fully there...& by that I mean to not worry so much. Or to set my worries aside for a certain time of the day. I want to be present with all the chaos for this trip!
  4. Camping - I hope to go camping at least twice this summer. Hoping to get up to south manitou island at least once.
  5. Franki Valli - hoping to see him June 9th in Ohio. Super pumped!! So much love for this man and his music.