Bottom line: the Nardinis sucks
  1. Rory tells us that the nice guy NEVER wins. i.e. Dean and Marty
    always go for the douchiest and most likely to leave you !
  2. Jess's only redeeming qualities are his looks and affinity for reading
    i mean he dropped out of high school to work at Walmart
  3. the Nardinis are literal garbage people
    pretentious, bratty douchebags who cause all of the problems ever
  4. the Gilmore girls are super privileged
    they never ever worry about expenses (not as down to earth and relatable as I remember)
  5. Rory was v weak whenever it came to boys
    ex: took Logan back instantaneously even though he cheated on her multiple times
  6. Rory wasn't respectable all the time...
    She slept with a married Dean and defended him- not her proudest moment
  7. ... but that's ok
    you can freak out and drop out of college for a little bit. you'll still be uber successful in jobs and relationships
  8. no matter how many negative things I realize, this show will always be among my favorites
    where you lead...